There is increasing evidence that successful ageing is intrinsically linked with maintaining good mental health.

At Sydney Psychogeriatric Clinic, we recognise the significance of good mental health in old age and provide a service that focuses solely on maximising the quality of life of the elderly with mental illness and cognitive problems.

Our mission is to prevent helplessness during the ageing process. To this end, we recognise the need for expertise in navigating an increasingly confusing landscape when it comes to knowing what to expect and how to get supports for ageing.

We focus on utilising early intervention strategies to assist with addressing frailty and cognitive decline in order to solve crises before they emerge. In addition to this, we co-ordinate access to My Aged Care and organise medicolegal documentation in advance so that you and your loved ones can rest assured no matter what happens, you will be prepared.

We know that while ageing is inevitable, there is a lot that can be done to make it as smooth, supported and crisis-free as possible.

Mental illness and cognitive problems are common amongst the elderly.

More than 20% of individuals aged 65 years and above, live with mental illness or dementia. Factors common in the elderly – ill-health, bereavement, changes in functioning and perceived role, socioeconomic changes, decreases in social network, isolation, loneliness, and grief, may deem this population more vulnerable to mental health problems. Mental illness in the elderly is often under-recognised, however, and wrongly attributed to the irreversible effects of ageing, or to physical or environmental changes.

Understanding the changes that occur during ageing, and their impacts on mental health and cognition is as complex, as it is important.

All the doctors at Sydney Psychogeriatric Clinic are psychogeriatricians – psychiatrists who have completed additional specialised training in providing care for the elderly with mental health and cognitive problems.

This affords our doctors an intimate knowledge of the interface between ageing, mental illness, cognitive disorders, and physical illness, and their impacts on symptoms, treatment and recovery.

When considering diagnosis, our doctors have expertise in the complex interaction between physical and mental illness. In considering treatments, our doctors work with our clients to identify and implement multimodal management strategies incorporating psychotherapy, medications, social strategies, and other interventions. When approaching medications, our doctors understand the physical side effects of psychiatric medications and the potential psychological side effects of treatments of physical illness.

Our psychiatrists also have expertise in the assessment of cognitive decline and the differentiation of dementia from other psychiatric illnesses. This allows for the appropriate use of anti-dementia medications such as acetylcholinesterase inhibitors, and the implementation of non-medication treatment.

Most elderly people wish to live in their own homes.

Home-based treatments for mental health problems can reduce entry to hospital and residential care, improve quality of life, and promote independence.

At Sydney Psychogeriatric Clinic, we are committed to providing an accessible geriatric psychiatry service, and hence understand the importance of flexibility in the location and timing of our doctor reviews.

Our psychogeriatricians provide home visits and nursing home visits to promote treatment in settings where our clients feel most comfortable. Clinic and telehealth consultations are also available.

Creating and living a meaningful and contributing life.

The doctors at Sydney Psychogeriatric Clinic provide a holistic case management service that focuses on promoting wellness in our clients.

Wellness stems beyond the presence or absence of symptoms, but demands a focus on optimising the quality, meaningfulness, and wellbeing of each client’s life. It demands a deeper understanding of each client and their situation – their strengths, their passions, their hopes, their aspirations, their experiences, their goals, and their own vision of what wellness entails. It means building on, and leveraging strengths inherent to the individual, in optimizing their overall quality of life.

This highly individualised approach to client care is present at all stages in our client’s journey through Sydney Psychogeriatric Clinic – from diagnosis and treatment, to the organisation of supports and advocacy. We provide a one-stop geriatric psychiatry service for our patients, their carers and their family, and together, strive towards maximising the quality, meaningfulness and wellbeing of each client.

At Sydney Psychogeriatric Clinic, you can expect a personalised, holistic and sensitive approach to your psychiatric care, as we navigate your recovery journey together.